This site is a sister of GoldfishResource.org – a place where people of any experience can ask questions and share information about their Goldfish, or just hang out if they like!

We are not for profit, but we are not a charity – we just care about Goldfish!

Many new fish keepers are intimidated by the wealth of knowledge on established forums, well perhaps more intimidated by the members’ reactions to their lack of knowledge?

We all were once first time Goldfish Keepers, but unfortunately, often not for very long!

At least for the first attempt, but that is a lost (?God’s) creature? It may have cost cents, pennies, Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Baht or more, or less, but regardless of its cost, it deserved a decent life….

You? We? We all failed one Goldfish? If you have not yet failed your first, firstly very well done!

Secondly, keep reading, and learning.!

It is most likely only a matter of time, unfortunately, until one does die.

Obviously everything and everyone dies, but did you really know how long Goldfish should last? Given that the oldest on record was 43, 20 years should be a reasonable life expectancy, so 2 to 6 months in your care is not good enough, at all!

Remember that there is a difference between surviving and thriving….

We likely have all made mistakes, which have caused unnecessary deaths – we have all probably done that, but some folks don’t really care, and others find a helpful site.

Do better?

To keep “Bubbles” or “Goldie” or “Speedy” alive and thriving, (RIP Speedy) keep reading!

How could you know about proper tank sizing (and therefore stocking), the Nitrogen cycle, quarantine, aeration, proper food, and filters – yes you do need one!

We are supposing and hoping that you do not have a Goldfish Bowl by the way! Why? – that is why you are here – to learn, and we are here to help!

Read on to keep that little fish alive for many’s a happy year, but also to find out how much it will cost you to do so…

Many people will take their initial advice from the friendly Pet Shop SHOP SHOP!

Many will SELL any amount of fish you want to cram into that tiny 5 litre / 1 gallon “Tank” – shops sell stuff, and to many shops,  fish are very sadly, just a commodity. Other times it is the poorly trained staff, who think they know, but unfortunately don’t. Unfortunately, poorly trained, confident staff are the worst – any decent professional will know when they don’t know, and advise you so, without making stuff up.

This site is more for general, standard information – to ask a more in depth question, please go to the Forum, where our friendly and informative staff are sure to get you the answers you need!