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Facebook Login

Facebook friends – you can now use your facebook login details on the website.

If you have a problem with your fish, or just wish to ask a question, drop by to the forum, and ask a question.

Some details will be required by almost all folks who try to help – it is very important info!

Water parameters- Ammonia levels, Nitrites, Nitrates.

pH is not so desperately important, but it is good to know.

Tank size and fish numbers too.

All of these details can be obtained by your eyes, and an API test kit.

Even if you have never heard of any of the details given, still, drop by – folks would always try to save a fish, even if you are not super aware (yet) carer.

Try to keep them alive?

They do not cost much, to purchase, but they are living animals, and now they are your living animals – you owe them the best live you can give them…